Practice Manager


Our “Job One” is to provide whatever information and support you need to schedule a matter with any one of our neutrals, which may include:

-Assisting with your “due diligence” on neutral selection by providing additional information or scheduling an interview with one of our neutrals

-Providing scheduling information to you or to other parties and counsel on your behalf

-Coordinating calendars among all parties and counsel for the session or pre-session conference calls

-Serving as a one-stop repository for submissions to the neutrals

-Providing logistical assistance for out-of-town participants

-Offering Concierge service for participants on the day of mediation

For the convenience of our clients, Stacey and Margy strive to be interchangeable on any matter, so please feel free to communicate with either one if the other is unavailable.

Phone (317) 231-6320
Email Margy: