Curriculum Vitae

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Indiana University, J.D., cum laude, 1970; Associate Editor, Indiana Legal Forum 1969-1970


Indiana Bar, 1970

United States Supreme Court, 1979

United States Tax Court, 1989

United States Claims Court, 1989

United States Court of Appeals, Seventh Circuit, 1989


Law Clerk to Justice Thomas R. Mote, Indiana Supreme Court 1966-1967

Law Clerk to Justice Roger O. DeBruler, Indiana Supreme Court 1967-1968

Law Clerk to Judge Allen Sharp, Court of Appeals of Indiana, 1968-1969



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Mediation: A Path Back for the Lost Lawyer
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Law Journal Articles:

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Brinkman v. City of Indianapolis:  The Passing of Municipal Immunity, 2 Indiana Legal Forum 187 (1968-1969)

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Arbitration: Current Issues [ICLEF Webinar, October 17, 2011]

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Mediation is No Mystery [Ontario Bar Association, Toronto, Canada, October, 2004] Keynote Speaker

38th Annual Legal Institute [Indiana Trial Lawyers Association, Indianapolis, IN, November, 2002] Speaker

Mediating a Catastrophic Injury Case [Indiana Continuing Legal Education Forum, Indianapolis, IN, November, 2002] Speaker

Open Forum –Winning Through Negotiation and Mediation [International Association of Defense Counsel, Whistler, British Columbia, July, 2002] Speaker

Difficult Issues in Mediation & ADR [Indiana Bench & Bar Conference, French Lick, IN, June 2002] Speaker

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Facilitated Symposia [American Bar Association Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL, August, 1995] Panelist

Litigation Management College [Chicago Federation of Insurance & Corporate Counsel, Chicago, IL, June, 1995] Speaker

Civil Mediation Training [Indiana Continuing Legal Education Forum, Indianapolis, IN, June, 1995] Speaker

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ABA Symposium on Dispute Resolution, featuring Roger Fisher [Miami, FL, February, 1995] Chair

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Successful Mediation [Indiana Continuing Legal Education Forum, Indianapolis, IN, May, 1994] Speaker

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Mediate or Litigate?  [Personnel Law Update 1993, Indianapolis, IN, September, 1993] Speaker

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1993 Defense Seminar – Mock Mediation [The Insurance Institute of Indiana and The Indiana Defense Lawyers Association, Indianapolis, IN, June, 1993] Speaker

Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms in Medical Liability Cases [National Institute, New Orleans, LA, May, 1993] Speaker

Mediation in May [Indianapolis Bar Association “Brown Bag” Seminar, Indianapolis, IN, May, 1993] Speaker

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Current Issues in Business Litigation [Indiana Continuing Legal Education Forum, Indianapolis, IN, November, 1992] Speaker

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Shareholder Disputes:  Fiduciary Duty in Close Corporations [Lorman Education Services, Indianapolis, IN, September, 1992] Speaker

Alternative Dispute Resolution:  What You Should Know About This Change in the Practice of Law [Indiana Continuing Education Forum, Indianapolis, IN, September, 1992] Speaker

Mediation – Summertime Torts:  The Nuts and Bolts of Auto Cases in the 1990’s [Indiana Trial Lawyers Association, Indianapolis, IN, August, 1992] Speaker

Differences in Preparing a Case for Mediation versus Trial [American Bar Association 1992 Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA, August, 1992] Speaker

Preparing a Case for Mediation [American Bar Association 1992 Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA, August, 1992] Moderator

Mediation Pursuant to Indiana’s New ADR Rules [Indiana Association of Manufacturers, Indianapolis, IN, April, 1992] Speaker

Preventing Accounting Malpractice:  Viewpoint of a Defense Lawyer [Bingham Summers Welsh & Spilman –Business Litigation Practice Group, Indianapolis, IN, February, 1992] Speaker

Effective Motion Practice in Indiana: The Do’s and Don’ts of Motion Practice [Lorman Education Services, Indianapolis, IN, October, 1991] Speaker

Contract Law and Drafting Techniques [National Business Institute, Inc., May, 1991] Speaker

Alternative Dispute Resolution [ADR Seminar, Ohio Northern University, Ada, OH, March, 1991] Speaker

Civil Rights and Governmental Tort Liability:  Defending Prison Conditions and Jail Suicide Cases –Loss Prevention and Litigation Strategies [Defense Practice Seminar—The Defense Research Institute, San Diego, CA, February, 1991] Speaker

Alternative Dispute Resolution [Insurance Institute of Indiana, Inc.—1990 Defense Seminar, Indianapolis, IN, June, 1990] Speaker

Shareholders’ Rights and Responsibilities:  Majority Responsibilities and Minority Rights [Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce and Bingham Summers Welsh & Spilman, Indianapolis, IN, April, 1988] Speaker

Adjunct Professor, Indiana University School of Law, 1994 to 2001 —  Mediation

Adjunct Professor, Indiana University School of Law, 1992 –Secured  Transactions

Adjunct Professor, Indiana University School of Law, 1971–Contracts

Instructor, Indiana University School of Law, 1971–Legal Writing


Indiana State Bar Association, Vice Chair, Education Committee, ADR Section 1993-94

Indianapolis Bar Association, Chair, Section of Dispute Resolution, 1999-2001

American Bar Association:

Chair – Section of Dispute Resolution, 1994-1995 Member-Site Evaluation Team–ABA/AALS Accreditation, Mississippi College of Law, l992

Chair – Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee of Tort and Insurance Practice Section, 1991-92

Advisor – Dispute Resolution Section, 1992

Council Member – Section of Dispute Resolution 1992-1997

Central and Eastern European Law Initiative (CEELI)

Delegate to Hungary — Judicial Reform, 1995

Chair – Nomination Committee, Section of Dispute Resolution, 1996, 2000, 2002

Chair – Mediation Committee, Section of Dispute Resolution, 2000-2002


Member – Indianapolis, Indiana and American Bar Associations

Member – Association for Conflict Resolution

Fellow – International Academy of Mediators

Bencher – Sagamore American Inns of Court, Indianapolis

Listed – The Best Lawyers in America, Alternative Dispute Resolution

Panelist – CPR International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution

Mr. Van Winkle is the sole Indiana member of the American Arbitration Association MASTER MEDIATION PANEL. The ABA states; “The Mediators for this panel are exceptionally experienced commercial and construction mediators and were selected utilizing a rating committee made up of a diverse group of advocates and in-house counsel representing clients in complex, high stakes disputes.”


  • J.D., Indiana University School of Law, 1970, Cum Laude, Associate Editor, Law Review
  • B.A., Butler University, 1966



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