Monthly Archives: August 2011


Dispute alleging freeze out of 33 % shareholder in successful business by majority-controlled brothers after 30 year relationship.


Resolved dispute involving excavation issues on large project at college campus.


Resolved claims by Owner of company when employees left in masses to start competing business.


Resolved claims by convenience store chain against insurers for environmental remediation costs at approximately 200 gas stations.


Claim by small business against large corporation for material and other expenses incurred to begin work on seven-figure order that defendant corp allegedly reneged on.


Dispute over termination by new owners of CEO and former owner months after CEO signed lucrative 5 year Employment contract as part of sale to new owners

Civil Rights

Claim by female prisoner serving 6 week sentence rape and beating by other inmates despite warnings to prison guards

Medical Malpractice

Plaintiff sued pathologist for missed diagnosis of cancer, resulting in two-year delay in treatment which allegedly brought his survival rate from 75% to 25%

Health Care

Resolved dispute between general partner and physician group related to proceeds from sale of large medical facility.