Monthly Archives: August 2013

Pharmaceutical — Consumer Protection

Resolved nin-figure claim brought by Commonwealth of Kentucky against prominent pharmaceutical company related to pain reliever.

Insurance — Life Insurance, Viatical Settlement

Resolved multi-million dollar claim against viatical settlement company by its leading investor.

Financial Institutions — Foreclosures

Resolved dispute alleging bad faith due to foreclosure on high-equity property in which alternative payment plan had been approved.

Insurance — Failure to Procure

Resolved multi-million dollar claim by Hotel owner against insurance broker for failure to obtain lost income and soft cost coverage for losses when construction issues cause two year delay in project.

Environmental — Meth Lab Remediation

Resolved claim against insurers for remediation, and possible tear-down, of rental house used as a meth lab.

Education — Bullying

Resolved claim of alleged bullying of student over several year period by multiple students and failure to take action despite multiple instances of notice and restraining order against one of the alleged perpetrators.


Resolved multi-million dollar claim involving construction of water treatment facility in California.


Resolved matter regarding claims of harassment, failure to accommodate, and retaliation by employee who was losing his vision.