Monthly Archives: May 2017

Insurance Coverage

Resolved matter involving claims for coverage at notorious Superfund site.  Claims by insured included costs for remediation to residential levels, even though site had been used as junkyard/recycling facility for many years.

Dram Shop

Resolved dram shop claim against local tavern when patron with .28 BAC struck pedestrian resulting in serious injury and $500,000 in medical bills


Resolved claims agains design-builder by owner who paid $30 million in renovation costs on family estate, including whether the structures needed to be ADA accessible to accommodate corporate functions and guests.

Products Liability

Claims by asbestos-related manufacturer against excess carrier who did not participate in a 9-figure CIP Agreement.


Claims by city against engineers regarding waterfront development and damages to inlet and property caused by storms.


Resolving various disputes on multiple contracts between multi-national cement/aggregate company and contractor regarding time-sensitive work at various plants.


Resolved ELA and UST claims brought by current owner of a commercial property against former owner who inherited but did not use UST’s.


Resolved claims involving post-closing adjustments regarding purchase and sale of large trucking company.