Monthly Archives: June 2017


Resolved seven-figure claims for delaying acceleration by contractor at large public works project in Evansville.  Bases for claims included late issuance of notice to proceed, historic rainfall, and unplanned utility interference.

Insurance — Fire Damage

Claim of bad faith by insured who received $3.4 million in insurance proceeds after business fire, but alleged proceeds arrived too late to save business du to a pre-textual arson investigation.

Financial Institutions

Claims against financial institutions alleging improper denial of loan modifications under Home Affordable Modification Program (“HAMP”), included breaches of Trial Plan Period (“TPP”) Modification Agreement and protocols.

Insurance Coverage

Dispute between Fortune 500 companies involving whether Buyer or Seller is responsible for substantial environmental clean up of subsidiary company sold 40 years earlier.


Resolved dispute between hospital and radiology group to which it outsourced its radiology services.  Issues included staffing of on-site services as well as timely performance of tele radiology services.