Monthly Archives: August 2017

Personal Injury

Mediation involving electric shock injury during construction of race course.

Insurance Coverage

Environmental coverage matter involving PCB and other contamination at large industrial rail facility.

Insurance Coverage

Resolved claims by City and Sanitary District for coverage of remediation of landfill, wherein insurers argued known loss, expected/intended, no occurrence, late notice and that costs to close site are ordinary costs of operating a landfill.


Resolved dispute between non-profit organizations regarding proprietary rights to successful annual fund raising event developed as joint venture.

Real Property

Resolved claims and counter-claims between non-profit and property owners of building chosen as home to museum and library of famous Indiana author.

Financial Institutions

Orchestrated resolution of complex restructuring of commercial properties among owners, lenders, guarantors, and loan services.


Resolved claims by purchasers of metallurgical coal against coal supplier they allege breached agreement to sell during period when coal prices were surging, resulting in 8-figure damages.

Insurance Coverage

Resolved claims for coverage of significant property damage and mold remediation stemming from broken pipe dumping over a half million gallons of water into theater.