Monthly Archives: January 2018

Insurance Coverage

Resolved dispute regarding whether or not large class action settlement was a covered claim or excluded as an”Inadequate Compensation” claim.

Insurance — Umpire

Served as umpire to resolve all types of insurance claims

Product Liability

Mediation involving injuries sustained on skid-steel loader, including sufficiency of driver restraints on construction-type vehicles.


Resolved claims involving departure by management of auto parts supplier to open competing business.


Resolved claims and counterclaims involving copyright and trademark infringement related to monthly magazines

Securities Class Action

Multiple investors brought FINRA claims against broker dealer company for acts of agent based upon affecting thousands of transactions in leveraged and/or inverse ETFs and ETNs. Broker dealer was bankrupt and insurer denied coverage for failure to disclose prior claims/wrongful acts.

Insurance Coverage

Insurer issued a broker-dealer professional liability policy to broker dealer which had given notice to the insurer of complaints and claims, including multiple FINRA statement of claims resulting from losses suffered by claimants alleging unauthorized trading and engagement in unsuitable investment recommendations. The insurer filed a declaratory judgment seeking recession because of the insured alleged […]

Collective Action/ Wage and Hour

Approximately fifty current and former employees sought a collective action for unpaid overtime. The federal court denied certification as a collective action and the case was mediated as fifty separate claims. The demand for settlement included 50 separate demands but the response from the defendant was for a lump sum to settle all claims. The […]


Resolved claims involving storage and distribution of food products to large national warehouse clubs.