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Insurance Coverage

Dispute between Fortune 500 companies involving whether Buyer or Seller is responsible for substantial environmental clean up of subsidiary company sold 40 years earlier.

Breach of contract

Dispute relating to theft of back-up tapes containing confidential information of tens of thousands of organization members.


Resolved claims and counterclaims between driver and team resulting in mid-season termination of contract.


Resolved dispute between former business partners related to post-sale payments under Employment Agreement and Promissory Note.


Resolved claim alleging breach of non-disclosure and non-competition agreement involving mobile-banking vehicles


Mediated dispute between property owner and 19 taxing bodies regarding increase in property taxes after $4 billion investment in oil refinery


Dispute alleging freeze out of 33 % shareholder in successful business by majority-controlled brothers after 30 year relationship.


Resolved dispute involving excavation issues on large project at college campus.

Contract (Professional Liability)

Dispute involving motion for sanctions against an attorney for persisting with litigation in face of audience contrary to the “shot in the dark” allegations in the complaint.

Contract (Misrepresentation)

Dispute over alleged misrepresentation in settlement agreement by settling party and counsel.

Contract (Government)

Non-bid services contract negotiations with state agency and in vendor attempting to enforce contract and state denying existence of the contract. Final contract was fully executed by all departments and the vendor, but the executed document was not communicated to the vendor.

Business, Contract

The parties renegotiate a contract for an outdoor advertising sign that is interfering with the property owner’s ability to sell his property. The original contract was of questionable validity. The Landowner needs to sell his property due to age and financial considerations and the advertising company needs to continue this lease due to its prime […]

Business, Contract

Physical therapy services provider enters into a contract to be the exclusive physical therapists at a nursing home. Suit is brought to collect for services provided pursuant to this contract, and for violation of the exclusive provider clause. It is alleged that the nursing home hired the exclusive provider’s staffers and began to bill Medicare […]

Business, Contract

Engine supplier pursues an invoice for service. End user counter sues for overcharges, negligent repairs and business interruption. Diesel engines and drilling equipment were at the center of the dispute.

Business, Contract

Consultant company charged with maintenance of water in a skyscraper’s chilled water cooling system. System experienced significant scaling and fouling from well water, non-softened water supply. Remedies included acidification and clorination. Eddy current and coupon tests performed. Pitting in copper pipes results in leaks that invade freon chamber causing destruction of the compressors. $400,000 in […]