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Resolved multiple claims brought by state attorney general against post-secondary school with multiple campuses alleging a variety of unfair and misleading practices.

Education — Child Molestation

Resolved matter involving alleged child molestation of 7 year old at public school.

Education — Bullying

Resolved claim of alleged bullying of student over several year period by multiple students and failure to take action despite multiple instances of notice and restraining order against one of the alleged perpetrators.


Resolved dispute involving excavation issues on large project at college campus.

Education (Non-Profit)

Dispute between estate of founder of school and institution and current board regarding repayment of monies provided to the organization by the founder.


Claim by parent against son’s private school for damages related to school’s refusal to release transcript to prospective colleges due to non-payment of tuition.

Education, Insurance

Coverage dispute related to a claim by a not-for-profit school against its founder over disposition of certain property to the founder.