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Resolved claims by purchasers of metallurgical coal against coal supplier they allege breached agreement to sell during period when coal prices were surging, resulting in 8-figure damages.

Energy — Environmental

Resolved claims for insurance coverage related to defense and indemnity stemming from alleged off-site contamination from coal-burning power plant.


Resolved claims between utility company and wind farm related to new M150 Requirement for wind farms to be available for automatic dispatch in real-time market, and the subsequent effects on the parties’ 20 year supply agreement.


Resolved dispute between power companies related to supply agreement and consequences of idling/retiring one of the power plants under that agreement.

Energy — Coal

Resolved claims of Commercial Disparagement, Tortious Interference with Business Relationships, Defamation and Breach of Contract among contractors at a coal excavation project.


Disputes between electric utility company and general contractor on construction of power plant.


Resolved $9 million dispute regarding apportionment of transmission loses and other MISO costs among joint owners of power plant.


Mediated disputes among parties and insurers related to consequences of gas explosion.

Commercial Disputes (Energy)

Dispute involving joint venture between major oil company and owner of 26 gas stations.


$200 million claim arising from breach of long term lease of power plant