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Civil Rights – Fair Housing Act

Resolved FHA claims alleging hundreds of violations at large apartment complex.

Civil Rights — Correctional Facility

Inmate at prison died from alleged neglect by prison guards after he collapsed from asthmatic attack in prison recreational area.


Resolved claim against state department of corrections regarding alleged rape by prison guard of women in Special Needs Unit.

Civil Rights

Resolved claims related to two separate deaths at a state prison allegedly from heat exhaustion within three day period of heat wave.

Civil Rights — Correctional Institution

Resolved claim involving alleged rape of female prisoner by guard at correctional institution.

Civil Rights

Resolved claim by woman who was sexually assaulted by police officer.


Resolved claim of wrongful termination under ADA by long term partner at AMLAW 50 firm.

Civil Rights

Claim by female prisoner serving 6 week sentence rape and beating by other inmates despite warnings to prison guards

Civil Rights (Whistleblower)

Resolved dispute involving allegations of retaliation on “whistleblowers” involving corruption within city police force.