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Resolved claim by doctor who was denied significant long-term disability benefits provided by her employer.


Resolved claim of defamation against policemen by person claiming he lost his job as a result of the officers’ defamatory remarks.


Resolved claim for indemnification of fees and expenses incurred after mega-sanctions order against client for not disclosing evidence of certain environmental contamination

Trust & Estates

Resolved claim by Trust against former trustee alleging misappropriation of significant trust assets

Commercial Disputes (Health Care)

Resolved break up of large joint venture between two hospitals.

Transportation (Trucking)

Resolved claims resulting from accident where plaintiff’s minivan stalled on interstate and was struck by 18 wheeler, killing plaintiff’s 8-year-old son and rendering mother a paraplegic.

Securities/Broker (Dealer)

Seven customers of broker-dealer filed for NSAD Arbitration for over $1,000,000 of losses allegedly incurred because of unsuitability of investments. Cases were mediated over a two-day period and all were resolved.

Professional Negligence (Architect)

Resolution of claim for millions of dollars stemming from alleged architectural error in construction of a major college facility.